Standing invitation for SCMK-II and SLU People who have an axe to grind.....

Discussion in 'area17-NSFW' started by Lain, 7 Dec 2010.

  1. Jez

    Jez Bella!

    I wouldnt get very worked up about what people are saying at other boards. I'm not surprised to see anger and negativity. They probably see this place as a threat to the standards of what people expect from a forum software and maybe are a little bit jealous they didnt think of it first :devil:
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  2. Snapper O'Callaghan

    Snapper O'Callaghan It's not a hug. I'm not finished strangling you.

  3. Textured Surface

    Textured Surface Fuck your title.

    I have something to say. I live in the south and it's TOO FUCKING COLD to ride.
    However, for a great deal of things I am required ride because of something I am doing.
    It sucks, but, will be worth it one day. I hope.

    So, there I am freezing my ass off in the cold driving through god-knows where in Alabama? Mississippi? fuck, I wasn't even sure where I was at 1am...
    Do you have any idea how many deer are out there.... they are just waiting... waiting for that perfect time to dash out and try and kill me. I think they are hunting me. I don't know why, I don't hunt them. I've never killed a deer in my life, but, I think to them, all humans look the same. Even humans bundled up in layers and layers of clothing. I wish we could make a truce, I am certain they want me dead.

    Why the fuck is it below 30? THIS IS THE SOUTH GOD DAMNIT!
    40 I could deal with. That would be fine.
    29? TWENTY-NINE?!?!
    29 Degrees at 80 MPH ... let me translate that into windchill... it is about... SHRUNKEN NUTS COLD!

    Well, that's really all I wanted to say.
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  4. clio

    clio Pokity Poke Poke

    so is it safe to assume that Luc told you about this place?
  5. Liona Clio

    Liona Clio Poetry in Motion

    I have no idea if I'm considered one of 'those guys', but I'll put in my :2cents: about Gv....

    • This forum rocks feature-wise. Very Slick, so Kudos to nina or whoever the hell set this board up.
    • While I really don't think it's anybody's business who runs a forum, in this case all the mystery just contributes to the drama.
    • Bams, I've always found you and Bunnie to be fun posters...but the cartoons (at least the intial one) were just fuel to the flame.
    • Like it or not, Gv shares a community with SCII and SLU. Bitching about it won't make this any different.

    I think Gv can co-exist with SCII and SLU. But there are better things to argue about than butthurt.
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  6. Tittertat

    Tittertat neurotic, but sweet :)

    the fact that the owner/admin of this board is still unknown doesn't really seem to be bothering anyone posting on this board....
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  7. Liona Clio

    Liona Clio Poetry in Motion

    I post on all three boards. I consider myself a proud member of the SCII community and the SLU community...and I'd love to consider myself a gVer.

    Maybe the anon admin doesn't bother people on this board. Again, it's not important who runs gV. I'm just observing that the anonimity fuels distrust amongst the community of SL-related forums. And there is that larger community, whether one likes it or not.

    How active I am on gV will be determined by how welcome I feel. If people here seem hostile to SC regulars, I'll not post here often.

    Lain wanted frankness in the OP. There it is.
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  8. Snapper O'Callaghan

    Snapper O'Callaghan It's not a hug. I'm not finished strangling you.

    Much appreciated.
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  9. Bulldick!

    Bulldick! Rampaging

    On my side you are more than welcome here Liona, and to be honest, I don't really care what happens anywhere else. I do post on SLU on occasion, and at the same time, I am completely out of SC2.. that doesn't mean that I hold a grudge with anyone... life is too short to worry too much.

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  10. GradyE

    GradyE Hybrid Angel

    I don't think there is any hostility to sc regulars per se here Clio. People like XxX are a different matter though. I think anyone coming in as a hostile alt is going to get a rough ride but I think everyone is aware of the wider sl forum community of which gV is one of several fragmented parts.
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  11. Tracer

    Tracer SLU Sycophant

    I vote that we all join Wasted's forum and make up :D
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  12. Textured Surface

    Textured Surface Fuck your title.

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  13. Liona Clio

    Liona Clio Poetry in Motion

    I agree,'s the "per se" part that bugs me.

    Most people on gV are cut from the same cloth as most of the rest the larger SL forum folk; fun and snarky...and I do believe I've found a 3rd forum to check into regulary.

    There's always that trope about one bad apple spoiling barrels, tho...
  14. Clancy

    Clancy The drama is better at Hungry Jack's

    Tarzan is proud not-member of SLU and SC2. For principles.
    Can not support villainy history. Every day list of wrong-doing grow.
    You welcome here as equal no matter you hate my opinions or love them.
    Frankness. Much welcome as you.
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  15. clio

    clio Pokity Poke Poke

    i want you here, i post at all 3 and refuse to get sucked into a bunch of the silly shit. as i said awhile back i give the SCmkII bitching here 3-4 weerks to calm down or i prolly won't stay, there is going to be some butthurt duh, but it was at SCmkII about SLU when it started up, i'm not gunna tell anybody to get over it, but if after a month or so if i feel that that is the primary reason for this place, i will re evaluate my participation..but so far i don't see that happening, this place is starting to get a bit of it's own culture, we will see if after the eggshell lets all be happy refugee's together phase wears off if it lasts..i hope so.

    but i am still as regular as i ever was at SCmkII and SLU and so far i have not had my head bitten off general i think one thing we all are trying to agree on is...anyone who wants to post here is welcome to a new start. as for the annon admin..honestly that seems to be a much bigger topic over at SCmkII than here
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  16. Liona Clio

    Liona Clio Poetry in Motion

    Nono, I love ya, TZ! You rock, literally!!!

  17. Lourdes

    Lourdes Sexy Fashionista

    :grouphug2: glad you'll be here
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  18. Clancy

    Clancy The drama is better at Hungry Jack's

    Theory: if SLU and SC2 supporters accept villainy and crimes history of known identity owners there
    Still post, stay silent of protest
    can they REALLY worry who is own vG? :)
    "Issue" of who is who at gV is made for distraction.
    gV function opposite of SLU, SC2, and more.
    gV share actually nothing except avatars with SL community forums.
    gV is, so far, unique.
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  19. Love

    Love Feel the love

    I think I understood your post.

    Yes. Obviously.

    The reason is that they believe that Nina runs this forum. And some of those making the most noise rabidly despise Nina. Her running the forum is all the justification they feel they need in condemning this place.

    You get all sorts of reactions, right up to outspoken pride in keeping themselves in self-imposed ignorance.
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  20. Sarah Nerd

    Sarah Nerd Feels most comfortable around other misfits.

    So if SC2 does not stop posting about us, will people stop posting over there too, or does that principle only apply here?
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