Study says Capitalists are of lower cognitive ability, lazier, and much more likely to be alcoholics

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  1. Kita

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  2. Kita

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    Heard that podcast and thought of GV. Needs a little trollin' once in a while :D
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  3. Kita

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    I see you, Govi. Pushing the buttons on all my posts. ;)

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  4. Briana

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    LOL @ egalitarian thinking.

    What an oxymoron.

    What this person is discussing are 2 types of emotion based reasoning (hierarchical 'thinking' versus 'egalitarian' thinking), also known as, a lack of thinking.

    Using the word 'fairness' in any study such as one that examines choices and reasoning automatically invalidates the study because the word "fair" is grounded and/or birthed in emotion and never leaves that realm, not even in adulthood.

    Fairness is a word like terrorism. It sparks an idea about something that is amorphous with characteristics that cannot be universally applied with any guarantee of acceptance beyond the group, village, town, city, metropolis, in which such defining metrics for 'fairness' are established.

    LOL @ egalitarian even more.. such words are like magic to those whose life is led without effort or examination.

    Oh and hi!

    I've been really busy starting a company. In Nevada of course.
  5. Kita

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    This is social science, nothing is absolute. It merely observes trends present in very specific conditions, and serves as more stepping stones to understand aspects of society. Social science studies should always be taken with a massive grain of salt. Not only are the majority of these bizarre studies done by kids (you know, grad studies, so they are new to all this) social science never has, nor never will be, an exact science. It changes constantly just like society. Mostly, you can just chortle at the kids doing the studies, and out-think them on other ones (perhaps the parameter they THOUGHT they tested for and found results on was completely wrong, and there was unconscious one they missed?)

    I found the entire thing very lol-y and troll-y. :D Plus, I sometimes miss you guys up in here, slinging the poo! The social psychology behind THAT feeling is quite an interesting one to explore too...

    Did your company in Nevada happen to open it's doors to the public this month, Bri? ;)

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