t6 lockbox ships leaked

Discussion in 'the barracks' started by nina, 23 Sep 2014.

  1. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    unannounced t6 lockbox ships were inadvertently leaked during the livestream. take a look at this PWE employees ship selector:

    t6 lockbox.jpg

    hazari destroyer and benthan assault cruiser.
    looks like the guys at IQ were right again.
  2. Lax

    Lax Inhabitant

    Interesting...according to Memory Alpha one of those delta races had huge carriers, so maybe future 3 hangar bays? Still waiting on those side mountable dual heavy cannons thou... :whistling:
  3. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    that would be about right. i am fully expecting that the majority (nearly all) the competitive t6 ships for kdf would be lockbox ships, so a carrier is pretty much a certainty.

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