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Discussion in 'worldEvents' started by Mulch, 6 Aug 2015.

  1. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    Things will be better when the older generation finally dies off. The last generation to see legal racism, the last generation to legalize discrimination. Most of their spawn are smarter and better people than they were. The better ones outnumber the nasty ones in the younger generations. We got a front row seat to the consequences of the older generation's decisions and behavior. We refuse to support this crap directed at people who are our friends and neighbors. Diversity means we stand up for our neighbors. We grew up with diversity, which has made us better people. Minorities and traditionally marginalized groups have been our peers, and we have known since we were kids they are just people too. We are truly globalized and connected to each other to an unprecedented level from the history of humans. Not only do we have access to each other, anywhere in the world, we have access to the global collective knowledge of the world from anywhere in the world. How could one not see what is in front of them with their own eyes??

    The older generations did not have such a privilege, to be raised in diversity and to know so many awesomely different people. To have access to all the knowledge in the world instead of relying on old wives tales and localized knowledge only. They fear who they do not know. This 'new' information and people seem threatening, unfamiliar, unvetted. I had an argument many years ago with my Uncle over the legitimacy of Wikipedia! Who is 'Wikipedia', he asked. How can you trust the people who post the knowledge when just anyone can post something! They could be wrong! They aren't all experts! But, I argued, who the hell is Britannica, and how could THEY know everything and have an expert in everything? They are a small group, with limited access to knowledge. They are missing so much, and cannot keep things up to date as they are happening. Britannica, he argued, have stood the test of time. They are proven to be a good source of knowledge. I don't know these strangers on the internet, how can I trust them?

    Not people, just 'them'. Outsiders. People who are new and unknown. That primal fear of the darkness, what is not seen. The threat of the future being different. Different could be good, it could be bad. They thought their generation and lives were pretty effing awesome-- and it was. So they think different won't be awesome and must be bad. But it isn't. It is just different. And for us, the new generation, the change and 'different' aspect is awesome. To the older generation, we are naive and need sheltering from the different, the danger. To us, they are blinded by their hate, because we have countless experiences under our collective young belts to prove them wrong. They lack those experiences, and only know what they were fed from sensationalist news media. News media, I might add, run and controlled by them. A feedback loop of hate to themselves. A circle jerk of it. They feed each other what they want to hear to reinforce the ideas they implanted in each other.

    That is why it is nice to see the old people were the ones who voted heavily for Trump. And with that comes the knowledge that they will all die soon, and can no longer fuck up the future for everyone else. They made a best effort to do so, but we have grown past that and are better people thanks to their glaring hatred.

    See? Bright side. :)

  2. Kita

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    "He was born a pauper to a pawn on November 9th
    When the New York Times said God is dead
    Trump has won
    Alvin Tostig has a son today

    And he shall be Levon
    And he shall be a good man
    And he shall be Levon
    With no traditions to hold him back
    And he shall be Levon
    And he shall be a good man
    He shall be Levon"

    Don't know why my brain did that after my post, but it did.

    That is all. :)
  3. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    When the older racists die off the younger ones will take their place. Those people are breeding more and more racists.

    If you seriously think all of the racists and the homophobes in this world are old ducks you've got some serious reality check about to slam down on your ass.

    Those insane jackasses now control every aspect of the system. They can and will bend voting laws to enable more of their kind to retain power while stripping the rest of us of our ability to do anything about it.

    This will not end well. And not in the playful forum troll version of not ending well, or the humorous Ghostbusters I'm unclear on the whole definition of bad, Ray , kind of way.

    It will end in the bloody revolutionary country on fire as the empire of Rome burns and Trump sings the National Anthem via auto tune ft Kanye West kind of way.

    Good times.
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  4. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Oh yeah, and fuck you Nina you worthless cuntrag.
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    The narrative the democratic party would have you believe is white homophobic racists are why Trump is in the whitehouse, but there's no evidence to support it beyond relying on the stereotype. Voter turnout compared to 2008 was terrible for the DNC; they nominated a bad candidate and people stayed home rather than vote for her.

    A quick run through wikileaks shows the DNC fixed their nomination process through voter suppression and bought/paid-for "superdelegate" votes. Had the Democratic Party actually run a fair and impartial nominating process the more popular candidate--Bernie Sanders--would have been their nominee...

    ...who would have one in a matchup against Donald Trump in every single poll taken during the primary.

    Did white, racists, homophobes vote for Trump? Sure. But a hell of a lot more disenfranchised Democrats chose not to vote at all in the election because of a rigged primary process.

    Trump won because roughly the same amount of GOP voters turned out as they have in recent history whereas Hillary, despite the narrative, saw a giant decline.
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  6. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    And millions of 'Americans' are still mysoginostic, homophobic racists intent on moving forward with the White Male agenda, even if it means their own peril as they are too ignorant to grasp what they have done.

    Grabbing their crotches screaming about all of the gays and the muslims while police are executing people in the street, and the very people they've elected are the same ones who will be ripping away their food stamps and send their kids off to die in the next blood fued precipitated by the same high school bully style, frat boy rapist types who think it's perfectly OK to grab women by the pussies.

    But yeah, whatever.
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  7. Bunnie

    Bunnie Everybody loves the sunshine.

    Really now, Fatz?

    It's been ages, and you show up to troll the last couple of folks still on the shitberg?

    Stay classy.
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  8. Kita

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    TBH, it was when Bernie didn't get the nomination that I actually got scared. Everyone knew Trump would get it considering the clowns the Republicans trotted out. They shot themselves in the head, one by one, as they opened their mouths during the primaries. And no Republican I have talked to argues with that point-- they hated them too, and will only weakly defend a few legitimate stances the candidates had. Weakly, because all the candidates were also were off their rocker or just clueless, so there was no full support for any of them. Trump got the largest majority from a mix of the crazies and the disillusioned Republicans who were sick of the crap their party was feeding them.

    I was far from even hopeful about what a Hillary win would bring this country. I don't think either her or Trump were close to a good choice. Literally, we either would have to eat a Turd sandwich (Hillary) or deal with the repercussions of a raging Giant Douche (the president-elect). South Park really is the inner consciousness of this country...

    I still would have rather eaten a turd sandwich. We know what we are getting, at least. No idea what a Giant Douche will do. A turd sandwich might taste bad, but at least it didn't vow to fuck everyone.
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  9. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    I'd rather we hold racist, mentally retarded, homophobic closet cases accountable for their actions too, but I'm a realist.

    To be clear, while I'm less than thrilled at the election of an unstable, untruthful, self-serving pile of monkey shit to office, making a mokery of the Electoral College system and proving that money buys power in this country....... my sadness is focused on the shattering of the last shred of optimism I had that this country will pull itself out of its own ass before too long and we could all agree that the invisible man in the sky isn't the real, that brown people are not the enemy, and who gives a shit what those people over there are doing in the privacy of their own homes.

    Jokes on me. Ha. Ha.
  10. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    Hillary would not have restored that optimism, unfortunately. She would have made the Republicans foam at the mouth while having their little seizures on the floor about the Dems ruining the country, and NEXT election cycle would have gotten us something equivalent to Trump instead. Bernie losing the Dem nomination was the beginning of the end. If this shit did not go down this cycle, it would have on the next. Guaranteed. Our generation was behind Bernie, and he would have used that momentum to push socially 'liberal' ideas, such as gays aren't trying to destroy your family and brown people aren't trying to kill you, so let's treat them like normal people, mkay? He actually believes these things. Hillary says them to get support so she can jag off her Dem friends, by pushing financially irresponsible initiatives that help her friends make money and infuriate the Republicans even worse (because it is not THEIR friends in the prison and military industries getting money). Same shit as always, but a different mask, pretending like she wants to help by weakly defending social initiatives while throwing all the tax money to her buddies. Republicans pull the same EXACT shit with the mask of protecting the nation from having liberties stripped... while in fact, doing EXACTLY that to everyone.

    I am not saying Bernie is some pariah or anything, he has been in the game a long time too. But his pockets aren;t as deep, and he actually seemed to follow an internal compass of what is right instead of going lockstep along with what his party told him to do. He seemed less in the corrupted piece of shit game then most, and I think could have been a first step towards recovery. Hillary would have just continued us towards the same downslide of bipartisan bullshit. Obama represented hope, but got bogged down with the bullshit and didn't know how to deal due to his inexperience. He had to just slump his shoulders forward and go along with the Dems. I think Bernie represented that same optimism, but with tons of experience that would allow him to navigate the bullshit and not have to succumb to Dem will in order to survive. I also think Trump's inexperience will result in the same thing as it did Obama-- he will just go along with his party's will just to survive. He has big ideas of shit he wants to do, but he won't because he is clueless. He has to play the Republicans game to survive. The VP and some of his staff picks are what scare me. Trump doesn't one bit. He is a clueless blowhard. And, like I said before, if they try to pull bullshit the states WILL revolt. And it will be ugly. The republicans know this, they know how people feel. They aren't going to let him push all the bullshit he rambled about. ANything regarding immigration will get tossed around for a while and until it is a watered down worthless excuse for 'reform' that probably just gives some contracts to Republican buddies without actually doing a damn thing. If they try to make a move on gay rights the states WILL revolt. Seriously. Your neighbors and your friends have your back. The deep south and the heartland can go fuck itself. Communities of humans with souls will stand up for their neighbors, regardless of what the bullshit Electoral College says. Local elections continue to prove this point. The opinion of your friends and those who you have contact with prove that. A few assholes will not take over, they will not get their say. They are in the minority. For every one asshole who turns their nose up at brown people and gays, I know 10 people who agree with me that those people are just assholes.

    The optimism is not in the Executive office. That is a clusterfuck, and has been for many cycles now. It is in the actual people around you. Yes, there are assholes. But less of them than good people. Good people will stand up if shit goes down, and that is where the REAL change will begin. It isn't happening in the highest office. In the true American way, it is happening through and by the people who persevere despite what the money lords say and do. Yes we are stuck with Trump in office, but the people around you are still the same, still supportive. They still will stand up to bullshit. Putting an asshole in office won't change that-- if anything, it will motivate people to make up for that extreme. An apology on a day to day normal scale to make up for the bullshit happening on the other side of the country in a place that feels like another country altogether.

    You can smoke a (now legal!) bowl and think of the cool ass people you know who won't be swayed by this. I bet you know more of them personally than jerks. Things might get a bit squirrely, but it will turn out good in the end. Just, uh, stay out of the middle of the country and the deep south. You are already on the best coast, so shit will be all good over here. :)
  11. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    My (legal for now) bowls have increased exponentially since early November.

    Let's just say my weed budget has been expanded and if need be will replace food if that is what it takes to maintain some semblance of the sanity I have remaining.
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  12. Mulch

    Mulch Why does the drum come hither?

    from what i have read, op research on bernie would have ANNIHILATED him. he has done some seriously weird shit when he was younger. look it up. he would not be able to overcome it. it makes the "socialist" stuff look inviting to republicans

    also, there is a false narrative on the wikileaks stuff. the conversations between the campaign and the dnc involving minimizing bernie and the "berners" was AFTER clinton got enough delegates that is was mathematically impossible for bernie to win the nomination.

    hillary was no one but bill's dream candidate, but she was railroaded. they ralroaded her for 20+ years now. she was the most investigated person in the history of the world and came up clean, and she had shit tons of experience making her ridiculously qualified.

    in addition to the 20+ year republican narrative on her, comey fucked her, twice. she fucked herself by not campaigning in michigan, wisconson, and pennsylvania. the millenials fucked her by not voting. Any single one of these things being different likely would have changed the outcome

    granted, things are looking bad. but remember this one bright side. the republicans dont like trump cuz he cant be controlled. he has historically shown pretty liberal tendencies. if we are lucky, he will not be who we fear that he is. if we are REALLY unlucky, the republicans will impeach him to install pence.

    id take trump over pence any day for the simple fact that we know exactly what pence is about and its terrifying; trump is still actually a completely unknown commodity as he has never governed.

    i admit the sessions and bannon thing are quite troubling, but i am not convinced he is as conservative as he acted in the election. in fact, i think there is a chance he will be almost the exact opposite of what we expect. either way, it will make an interesting 4 years. wish us luck and if you believe in it, pray
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  13. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    The real issue impacting us all on a daily basis, unless you're one of them and then fuck you, is these Trumpites feel more emboldened to act like total assholes all the time.

    It's like Facebook has come to life and is wandering around shitting on us all.

    And it gets worse every day. Every single day more and more assholes doing whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want, with little chance of consequences because they all solve their problems with death threats and gun violence.

    Good Fucking Times
  14. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    You know what is great about extra shit? More food for your mushrooms.


    Hang in there. You have a lovely wife that that will be by your side no matter what, no matter how high the shit gets, picking mushrooms and loving you through it all. Don't let them bury you in it-- that is what they want. Unplug for a while if you need to, staring at it and getting worked up won't change things. It makes you miserable and the shit slingers satisfied.

    No rule says you can't take a vacation before the honeymoon either. Gotta be relaxed if you want to enjoy it! ;)

  15. Govi

    Govi Ça va chier.

    Apparently, Numpty Trumpty was not always of the opinion that it's OK to win the EC without the popular vote. In 2012:

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  16. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Some advert for the inaugural event.


    I hear the talent they've booked is amazing.

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  17. Bunnie

    Bunnie Everybody loves the sunshine.

  18. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    So nice of him to invite former POTUS little Curious George to the event too.
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  19. Bunnie

    Bunnie Everybody loves the sunshine.

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  20. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    As the curtains come to a close on the biggest clusterfuck of human existence, may the smarter or you persevere, and the rest of you have the Karmatic retribution you so rightfully deserve.
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