The House of Beautiful (It Starts Here)

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    [edited to clear this up for newer members: House of Beautiful was once known as House of Beautiful Romulans. it was created by House of Beautiful Orions leadership (which included myself) for these reasons: hobo was at max capacity, hobos were having trouble earning fleet credit, and hobos needed someplace to put their new romulan toons when LoR launched a few weeks away. hobo needed somebody to take charge of this new fleet and ensure all the dil and doffs were filled just as fast as the hobos could fill the projects with marks. that responsibility was mine alone]

    one week ago lina demoted all leaders but herself. she then proceeded to remove any dissenting voices from both hobo and the global chat. for my part, i did not make an issue of my demotion. i have had concerns about the number of people in the top slot myself. security issues, jealous spouses, etc... there are many bad things that can happen, and the risk is compounded with every account in the top slot. lina was one of the founding leaders and i have always considered her to be the queen bee, so i was happy to take it in stride. i stated so much on BeautifulOrions global chat. something had spooked her and she did what she needed to do, right? the only thing i said to lina regarding the affair was that it might not be a bad idea to create a new role for the 'ex-leaders' rather than dumping them in the top gun rank. some of us still had duties we needed to perform and required sufficient permissions to see them through. it was at this point that she told me that i should demote her characters in hobr. i would be a self-serving twat if i didnt draw attention to the fact that lina could have demoted me on both hobo and hobr, but she didnt. somewhere beneath all the ...rage... lina has at least an occasional desire to do what is right.

    so then zelda logged in. to say that zelda was angry would be an understatement. she left hobo in a fury and came to hobr. as lina continued what was to become her campaign of terror, zeldas pvp mates began to leave hobo and flock to hobr for refuge. it was at this point that i realised i was going to come out of this in a bad way. the pvpers, most especially zelda, demanded that lina be kicked from hobr. i was completely on the spot. hopeful that lina might understand politics, i told her of their demands and asked her to 'please take this bullet for me'. to my relief, she appeared to accept that it was my only realistic option. people were already rioting, and it probably wouldnt be for the best to pour petrol on the fire. i was, after all, hopeful that this incident could be solved and the house of beautiful could get on with its business. i knew zelda and lina were going patch things up because they always do.

    immediately people i didnt even know were contacting me, relaying offers of hundereds of millions of ec, t5 access, and so on. i didnt reply because i was confident this would blow over and the house of beautiful would get back to teaming for marks and the like.

    the next time i logged in i was confronted by zelda. she had found one of linas lesser-used accounts in the roster, and demanded that it also be removed. i was on a short break from work and didnt have a lot of time to debate the matter. i recalled the discussion lina and i had earlier and thought to myself, 'surely she will understand' as i kicked the alt from the fleet.

    i returned from work and logged into sto. lina messaged me. she wanted to know why i had kicked her. i reminded her of the discussion we had earlier, but she wouldnt acknowledge my words. she told me 'its over'. i asked her what we could do to preserve the 'house of beautiful'. she then, ironically, told me to get my own channel and kicked me from the BeautifulOrions channel. i pleaded with her to play the long game. she again ignored my words and told me that she was going to 'get all the roms to leave your broke azz fleet' before putting me on ignore. it was at this point that i sent out the hobr fleet mail outlining the situation.

    hobr members were insisting that we change the name of the fleet. they really wanted to call the fleet 'HoBO', but there was already a fleet somewhere called 'Hobo'. there was talk of tracking them down and offering them big ec to give up the name. i resisted these calls because i was hopeful for a return to the routine.

    so i sat down and logged in again the next day. i saw that many of those that had sought refuge from lina the day before had now departed the fleet, presumably returning to hobo. i didnt take it personally as i had expected it to happen. not long afterward zelda messaged me and told me that her and lina had settled their issues, and that zelda was once again in the top rank and we were all returning to business as usual. what a relief! i was happy it hadnt taken as long to happen as it had the last time! i then noticed new names having departed the fleet. not pvp people, but people in 'from hobo' rank. not just couple either. a lot.

    hobr never used fleet chat. i did not want the two fleets to be separate socially, so i forced hobr members to make use of the rarely-used BeautifulOrions global channel. lina had effectively hijacked our hobr fleet-channel, and was using it to move members from hobr to hobo. nobody seemed think this was suspicious.

    zelda was wanting me to return to hobo and take a position in their new 'general' rank. i explained the situation concerning lina, but zelda didnt seem to take it seriously. i told zelda that i didnt think things were as fully resolved as she seemed to believe, and declined the position. she invited me back to the BeautifulOrions channel, but i never joined. whatever this issue was with lina needed to be resolved.

    it was at this point that i renamed 'House of Beautiful Romulans' to 'House of Beautiful Exile'. Banished Orions would give us a nod of the head as they walked by on qonos. they knew what was going on- they had seen this movie too.

    i began to get word back that lina wanted everything to go back to the way it used to be (except for my rank of course). i was expected to revert the name of the fleet and take my place in hobo and ignore the dozens of missing recruits. i began to send word back to lina that i would rename the fleet and return to hobo provided she did two things:
    1. stop poaching recruits from the smaller fleet (its lower than low)
    2. relinquish the fleet name i had insisted she reserve for us (i need a stake in the house of beautiful now that i am demoted)

    over the course of the week i watched a mass exodus of hobr members of every rank. i asked zelda about it, but zelda didnt seem to take it seriously. she did take an interest in getting me back into the fleet though. eventually i caved. i had promised hobr members t5 base-invites- i had marketed hobr on the premise of t5 base-invites! i was going to need a toon in hobo to fulfill this obligation. i figured i would continue with my usual base-invite/fleet-swapping chores. then i looked at the fleet news and saw the arrival of all those ex-hobr members. it annoyed me to say the least. i took note of the number of people in the fleet (499) and wondered to myself how many 'inactives' (low contributors) lina had to prune to make room for all her new members. since lina had me on ignore, i tracked her down to drozana thinking i would ask her about it. the first thing i told lina was that i wanted her stuff moved from the hobr fleet bank. she has 3 locked tabs full of her treasures, and i wanted to use the bank in a more traditional fleet-bank manner. lina was initially 'very sorry', as is her way. when i pressed her about the constant stream of hobr members ending up on hobo she again turned abusive. 'how can we fix this' 'becomes 'hobo wants their rom base back' becomes 'you are nothing you have nothing your t3 base is shit i hate your hair, etc'. when dealing with lina, you dont really even have to say anything for this to happen. anything short of complete obedience is met with contempt. i told lina to stop taking a tone with me. her last words before i beamed up were, 'i can talk to a t3 leader anyway i want yessiree'.

    immediately people i didnt even know were contacting me, relaying offers of hundreds of millions of ec, t5 access, and so on. i didnt reply because i was hopeful this could be resolved and the house of beautiful would get back to teaming for marks and the like. surely lina would weigh up my personal/emotional investment in the house of beautiful, round it up down dependent upon how lina values any talents i may have, and give me a stake in the 'house of beautiful' and let me rename the exile fleet 'house of beautiful'. or did i really just get demoted from 'co-owner' (her own words) to 'employee'? trust me folks, that isnt an easy transition to make, but i was making the best of it.

    the next day i logged in to find that another chunk of members had left the fleet. being aware that there had only been one roster spot open the night before, i logged into my hobo toon and had a look. lina had cleared out 20-odd spots for her new members. nearly every single one of these members were completely new members that had never been members of hobo. these were the members i had acquired by posting in the forums, standing for hours on the romulan flotilla, giving away tens of millions of ec on qonos, and so on. these were the members i had to invite to the BeautifulOrions channel (the channel hobr made popular), show them how to /channel_join, explain the 100k/250k system to them, and so on. these were the people i felt i had the most investment in. you can see the distinction, right? for whatever reason, lina was waging war against me and making good on her promise to steal hobrs members out from under it. i could not (and can not) comprehend why she would be actively seeking to destroy a fleet we had all worked so hard to build. well, everyone except lina anyway. i think i understand after all! this is like the baby in the family. this is tomorrows t5 fleet. the second t5 fleet in the house. the first fleet to have two t5 kdf bases, lina. i would have loved to have added that to the list. what was wrong with lina? why cannibalise the house like that? i saw lina was online and i confronted her about her new members. she told me that she was deliberately taking my active members because she wanted my attention. i have never been one for bullying, and i reminded her that there wasnt anything to discuss, considering the current circumstances, and that if she wanted to have things anywhere near where they used to be she needed to take a look at the two things i wanted from her. granted, i wasnt at my diplomatic zenith at the moment! at that point i pulled my toon out of hobo. this was beginning to look like a hopeless effort.

    zelda begins asking me why i have pulled out of hobo. i explain that we have a very big problem that isnt going to simply go away; lina is engaging in some sort of civil war and that it needed to stop if there was to be any hope of normality. she assured me that she was going to deal with lina, but i was left with the impression that zelda didnt seem to take it seriously.

    lina shockingly appears in the same instance of ds9 with me. in zone chat she is hyper-emotional, ~tears streaming down her face~ and all. when i tell her that this isnt something we really need to do, she instantly snaps out of it. i ask her if she has given any thought to my requests. she laughs.

    later that day lina has some very exciting news! she was in possession of a new fleet called 'house of beautiful' [later renamed 'beautiful house]! where did i know that name from? oh, it was the one i had insisted she reserve for US to use. i wonder to myself, 'how many hobr members will have been shifted there by tomorrow?' probably a lot.

    in a bid to stay alive, i decide to track down one of the people that had been offering the beautiful exiles t5 access. i head down to drozana to find out who is who. zelda is there to see this. no doubt she knows that if i am on drozana (a place i never visit) talking to this particular group of people... it cant be good, right? i get the name i need and i beam up. later zelda messages me to tell me that tonight she wishes to conduct some business with me (business completely unrelated to the fleet). i tell her she may want to reconsider, as i will be contacting @acidcouch later on. her reply is 'ok'. you probably dont know acidcouch by his handle, but zelda certainly does. you guys refer to him a lot as simply 'Dental'. zelda didnt seem to take it seriously.

    on my break i had a discussion with acidcouch. he sent one of my offline toons a fleet-invite. he seemed like a switched-on guy.

    when i got home from work i logged into my main toon (ni'na) to suss out hobo before logging into my alt and accepting the fleet-invite. surely somebody other than myself wants to salvage this abusive relationship. i open my mail and discover that lina has announced a brand new beautiful website [it was actually quite ugly in a geocities kind of way, and now defunct]. two days ago i was told that a website is useless because nobody cares!

    i log into x'tina, my former hobo base-invite alt, and accept acidcouchs fleet-invite to the Nerds of Prey. i look at its holdings: t5 sci and t5 egi when the upgrade finishes. the house of snoo will let us use their t5 eng while the NoP upgrade is running. that leaves t5 ships... oh i know of a kdf fleet with a t5 shipyard that might be sympathetic empathetic.

    no doubt i am the biggest villain in the house of beautiful hobo at the moment. i have stolen a fleet! you will probably be told that i was a super-super deep cover dental agent from the day i joined the house of beautiful orion girls [thats what hobo were called in the olden days]. how i have been sitting in the top slot plotting to do what lina so easily accomplished in ten minutes. will you believe it? or will you entertain the notion that lina has thrown away a loyal, proactive, diligent, and hardworking partner for the sake of her pride and her ego?

    oh i have no doubt that lina will dismiss any contribution to, or impact i may have had upon the house of beautiful hobo as minimal. i can see my mark though, because i know my own work. if you are a beautiful you are surrounded by it everywhere, you just take it as a given any more. lina may have hobo, and the new 'house of beautiful' [now known as 'beautiful house'] grind-house, and the house of beautiful orions, and the vaunted t5 base [we are t5 now as well]. but i have the house of beautiful with me. it is mine whether she or any of you ever fully realise it.

    i am sorry it came to this, but at least give me credit for trying. i didnt want it to end this way.

    'Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it... well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you men.'

    [edit 3.aug.14- on moving this page to the new board, it has occurred to me that i never updated this with the month that followed. the month that included gohan taking the reigns of hobr, zelda retrieving the house of beautiful fleetname for us, our relentless and unstoppable grind mentality, our emergence on general sto awareness via NoP Public Service, reaching full t5 status ourselves, and our eventual move to take Beautiful evangelism fed-side. i will finish the story, i promise]
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