The Secret Tower

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

    We came out on the balcony of massive tower that rose to a height of three hundred feet. It was of the strangely beautiful modern style of architecture, its entire surface hand carved in bold relief with intricate and fanciful designs. We were thirty feet above the courtyard and overlooking it from our broad balcony. On the balcony, there was Matai Shang, and with him were Thurid and Phaidor. Thuvia and I were there, of course — we were held there in heavy irons. A handful of thern warriors stood just behind us.

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  2. Dejah Thoris

    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

    In the brief interval of life that was left to us, I shot a last, parting glance toward my husband, John Carter. My face was set in an expression of resignation; and as my eyes met his, I extended both arms toward him as, struggling with the guards who now held me, I endeavored to cast myself from the balcony into the pit beneath, that I might share his death. Then, as the banths were about to close upon him, I turned and buried my face in my arms.

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

    For an instant I thought John Carter would rely on his earthly muscles and agility to escape the banths and reach the balcony, which he could easily have done, but I knew that he could not bring himself to desert the faithful Woola and leave him to die alone beneath the cruel fangs of the hungry banths; that is not the way upon Barsoom, nor was it ever the way of John Carter.

    Then the secret of Thuvia's excitement became apparent as from her lips there issued the purring sound I had heard once before; that time that, within the Golden Cliffs, she called the fierce banths about her and led them as a shepherdess might lead her flock of meek and harmless sheep.

    At the first note of that soothing sound the banths halted in their tracks, and every fierce head went high as the beasts sought the origin of the familiar call. Presently they discovered the red girl in the balcony above them, and, turning, roared out their recognition and their greeting.

    Guards sprang to drag Thuvia away, but ere they had succeeded she had hurled a volley of commands at the listening brutes, and as one they turned and marched back into their dens.

    "You need not fear them now, John Carter!" cried Thuvia, before they could silence her. "Those banths will never harm you now, nor Woola, either."

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

    Phaidor alone retained her presence of mind. Two of the guards she ordered to bear away Thuvia of Ptarth; the others she commanded to remain and prevent John Carter from attacking. Then she turned toward him.

    "John Carter," she cried, "for the last time I offer you the love of Phaidor, daughter of the Holy Hekkador. Accept and your princess shall be returned to the court of her grandfather, and you shall live in peace and happiness. Refuse and the fate that my father has threatened shall fall upon Dejah Thoris.

    "You cannot save her now, for by this time they have reached a place where even you may not follow. Refuse and naught can save you; for, though the way to the last stronghold of the Holy Therns was made easy for you, the way hence hath been made impossible. What say you?"

    "You knew my answer, Phaidor," he replied, "before ever you spoke. Make way," he cried to the guards, "for John Carter, Prince of Helium, would leave with his wife, Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium!"

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

    Of a sudden the vicious beast lost all control of himself, as with a vile oath he leaped at me, gripping my throat in his brute clutch. Thuvia screamed and sprang to aid her fellow-prisoner, and at the same instant I looked up and saw a man tearing at the bars that spanned my window. He ripped them from their sockets as they had been but copper wire.

    Hurling himself through the aperture he reached the garden, but a hundred feet from where the reeking evil man was choking the life from me, and with a single great bound the stranger was upon him. He spoke no word as he tore the defiling fingers from my suffering throat, nor did the stranger utter a sound as he hurled my assailant twenty feet from me.

    Foaming with rage, Thurid regained his feet and charged at the stranger like a mad bull.

    "Yellow man," he shrieked, "you knew not upon whom you had laid your vile hands, but ere I am done with you, you will know well what it means to offend the person of a First Born."

    Then Thurid was upon him, reaching for his throat, and precisely as I had seen John Carter do one day in the courtyard of the Temple, I saw the stranger do here in the garden of the palace of Salensus Oll. He ducked beneath Thurid's outstretched arms, and as Thurid lunged past him, the stranger planted a terrific right blow upon the side of Thurid's jaw.

    Just as I had seen John Carter's opponent do upon that other occasion Thurid did now. Like a top he spun round, his knees gave beneath him, and he crumpled to the ground at my feet. Then I heard a voice behind us.

    It was the deep voice of authority that marks the ruler of men, and when we turned to face the resplendent figure of a giant yellow man I did not need to ask to know that it was Salensus Oll. At his right stood Matai Shang, and behind them a score of guardsmen.

    "Who are you," he cried, "and what means this intrusion within the precincts of the women's garden? I do not recall your face. How came you here?"

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

    Kneeling there beside my husband, who clutched still his sword, I pointed to where he had fought alone against such awful odds.

    "Think you, Salensus Oll, that the wife of such as John Carter is," I cried, "would ever dishonor his memory, were he a thousand times dead, by mating with a lesser mortal? Lives there upon any world such another as John Carter, Prince of Helium? Lives there another man who could fight his way back and forth across a warlike planet, facing savage beasts and hordes of savage men, for the love of a woman?

    "I, Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, am his. He fought for me and won me. If you be a brave man you will honor the bravery that is his, and you will not kill him. Make him a slave if you will, Salensus Oll; but spare his life. I would rather be a slave with such as he than be Queen of Okar."

    "Neither slave nor queen dictates to Salensus Oll," replied the Jeddak of Jeddaks. "John Carter shall die a natural death in the Pit of Plenty, and the day he dies Dejah Thoris shall become my queen."

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

    With the flat of his sword, John Carter struck down Salensus Oll's polluting hand; and grasping me round the waist, my husband swung me behind him as, with my back against the draperies of the dais, he faced the tyrant of the north and his roomful of noble warriors.

    The Jeddak of Jeddaks was a great mountain of a man—a coarse, brutal beast of a man—and as he towered above us there, his fierce black whiskers and mustache bristling in rage, I can well imagine that a less seasoned warrior than my husband might have trembled before him.

    With a snarl he sprang toward us with naked sword, but whether Salensus Oll was a good swordsman or a poor I never learned; for John Carter seemed no longer mere human—he was a superman, and no man could have withstood him then.

    With a single, low: "For the Princess of Helium!" he ran his blade straight through the rotten heart of Okar's rotten ruler, and before the white, drawn faces of his nobles Salensus Oll rolled, grinning in horrible death, to the foot of the steps below his marriage throne.

    For a moment tense silence reigned in the nuptial-room. Then the fifty nobles rushed upon us. Furiously we fought, but the advantage was ours, for we stood upon a raised platform above them, and we each fought for the most glorious warrior of a glorious race, each other, and I fought for my beloved, the father of my child.

    And from somewhere within me, in the silvery cadence of my language, rose the brave battle anthem of Helium which our nation's women sing as our men march out to victory.

    That alone was enough to inspire John Carter to victory over even greater odds, and I verily believe that we should have bested the entire roomful of yellow warriors that day in the nuptial chamber of the palace at Kadabra had not interruption come to our aid.

    Fast and furious was the fighting as the nobles of Salensus Oll sprang, time and again, up the steps before the throne only to fall back before a sword hand that seemed to have gained a new wizardry from its experience with the cunning Solan.

    A wild-eyed messenger sprang into the room.

    "The Jeddak of Jeddaks!" he cried. "Where is the Jeddak of Jeddaks? The city has fallen before the hordes from beyond the barrier, and but now the great gate of the palace itself has been forced and the warriors of the south are pouring into its sacred precincts.

    "Where is Salensus Oll? He alone may revive the flagging courage of our warriors. He alone may save the day for Okar. Where is Salensus Oll?"

    The nobles stepped back from about the dead body of their ruler, and one of them pointed to the grinning corpse.

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

    I spied John Carter coming round the jutting promontory of the hill's shoulder, a sight which quickened my pulses and set my heart to beating high, for within a tiny basin between the crest of his hill and the next stood we four before the mouth of a great cave, and beside us upon the gleaming snow rested a flier which my captors had just dragged from its hiding place.

    We were Phaidor, Thurid, Matai Shang and I. The two men were engaged in a heated argument over me—the Father of Therns threatening, while the black scoffed at him as he went about the work at which he was engaged.

    As I saw John Carter creep toward us cautiously that he might come as near as possible before being discovered, I saw that finally the two brutes appeared to have reached some sort of a compromise, for with Phaidor's assistance they both set about dragging me to the flier's deck.

    Here they made me fast, and then both again descended to the ground to complete the preparations for departure. Phaidor entered the small cabin upon the vessel's deck.

    I could still see John Carter and saw that he had come to within a quarter of a mile of us when Matai Shang espied him. I saw Matai Shang seize Thurid by the shoulder, wheeling him around in John Carter's direction as he pointed to where my husband was now plainly visible, for the moment that he knew he had been perceived he cast aside every attempt at stealth and broke into a mad race for the flier.

    The two redoubled their efforts at the propeller at which they were working, and which they were replacing after having been removed for repair.

    They had the thing completed before my beloved husband had covered half the distance that lay between him and us, and then both made a rush for the boarding-ladder.

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

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    Dejah Thoris Daughter of Mors Kajak of Helium

    In the long, sometimes dreary, sometimes dangerously eventful interlude since John Carter was last here with me, struggling against all the forces seeking to tear us apart, I have found within myself the necessary strength to persist through all adversity by remembering those ephemeral periods in which we were able to live in humble peace as husband and wife. Did we not account for the forces arrayed against us, these ecstatic interregnums would have seemed shamefully brief; notwithstanding their brevity, they were intensely joyous, and have provided ample reward for me who would have dwelt in them forever, had I but the power to say it so.

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