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    When looking for a place, my mom's coworker mentioned she had a place. All original from the 70s. Wood panel walls, original kitchen appliances and linoleum, and... yup, carpeted bathroom. Complete with the 30+ years of mystery stains throughout. The place was one of the most awful ones I had seen, and she was renting it out easily for a high price due to location.

    My mom was all mad I wouldn't rent it, because she wanted her friend to have a good tenant. I flat out told her that place did not DESERVE a good tenant. It deserved the revolving door of don't-give-a-shit college kids that it was getting. That's what happens when you rent out a hole without bothering to renovate a damned thing. Even some new carpet (EXCEPT IN THE FUCKING BATHROOM) or something would help. Sheesh.
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    I bet that guy's Instagram traffic went up a twitch.
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    Oh, gross!! Old carpeting with endless college parties and goddess knows what diseases, etc through there. It's fucking criminal what some landlords get away with!
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