Time line in tapatalk not functioning as normal

Discussion in 'gV engineering' started by Lain, 19 Oct 2014.

  1. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Normally when I go to Time line in tapatalk, I can see the time line and scroll back through past posts.

    Recently, I only see very recent stuff, and there's no option to scroll back.

    Currently I see four or five posts on the timeline, and I know there's more than that.

  2. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    not sure why that would happen. we updated to the latest tapatalk release on the 30th and havent changed anything other than that.
  3. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Might be a tapatalk issue. There was a recent update that trashed the UI.

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