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Discussion in 'the academy' started by Lax, 16 Jul 2015.

  1. Lax

    Lax Inhabitant

    For upcoming content and new ships, so far been somewhat correct with the info:

    Good for checking before going ship shopping if theres something nice behind the corner.
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  2. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density

    I really want to know what the T6 Defiant has to offer.

    Dharma cruises the Pilot Tactical and it is sooooooooooo much fun. I tried queues in the Nandi, and it sucked in comparison, so I hope the Defiant can make me feel the same way. I just cant imagine it taking me away from my Pilot Tact.
  3. Lax

    Lax Inhabitant

    Most likely biggest advantage is the look and possibly cloak. Pilot ship lookwise has very little familiarity to star trek. But the defiant and b'rel...escorts with most on screen -time in the tv series and movies.
  4. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density

    Yea, you are so right there.

    When i first saw the Fed Pilot ships i thought they were, like some small fighter vessel.

    I would like to see a T6 Defiant with:

    - Battle cloak
    - 5 Forward / 2 After
    - 5 Tactical Consoles
    - 2 Universal stations: Lt. Cmdr & Ensign

    - Unique Epic Console: Cannon Rapid Fire: Increases with Starship Mastery to an equivalent of Cannon Rapid Fire V
    - Unique Epic Console: Multi-Phasic Regenerative Ablative Amour versus Whatever
    What would really be cool is a Regenerative Ablative that regenerated from your dilithium inventory or something, that way you pay to use it a bit - Dil sink.

    Food for thought from the 13 week nublet - [no comments from the prettier than peanuts gallery]
  5. Lax

    Lax Inhabitant

    Could be epic console to create a set with the quad cannons of the original zen-store defiant. Now with the dmg mod getting a boost, those things might be useful again.
  6. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    are iq now leaking on twitter instead of their website? i wonder whats up with that?

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