Ways of making energy credits

Discussion in 'the academy' started by Lax, 30 Sep 2014.

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    Post your best tips to collect EC:

    -selling contraband, easy to get from marauding doff missions or via advanced/elite slaver pets, usually 40-60k each on exchange, also heard selling this in large stacks in ESD can earn nice profits

    -doing episodes with tradable rewards:
    Everything old is new - Spectres storyline - blue mk xi phaser beam array, sells for 250-400k each on exchange
    Assimilation - Borg Advance storyline; purple mk xi ground kit mods sell depending on your class/mod up to 5M each

    -N'Vak space warzone - omega leonis sector; usually regarded as a farming map instead of ker'rat, plenty of borgs to shoot, plenty of loot to collect, tons of mk xii gear as well

    -selling vendor trash to merchants that give 50% of list price like new romulus vendors or ds9 vendors, replicator gives way less than this

    -selling purple doffs you get from fleet starbase, for example Technician kdf side goes around 9-10M each

    -selling very rare crafting materials, depending on the material these can give tidy profits. Although these might go up on price when people start hitting level 15 on craftings.
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    -Gamble on weapon packs, for example elachi weapons pack you get from lockbox/exchange might give some nice elachi space weapons. Now with upgrading available these might be more lucrative than ever, prices over 10-100M for single weapon possible. Best mods to look for are multiple Acc and CrtD.
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