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    or, the most unnecessarily convoluted network in the US? It's easy to justify a wholeeee lot of BS to the FCC when you maintain a a giant tangled ball of yarn instead of something remotely logical.

    This is a Charter rant, people. NO surprise.

    I got a business account in hopes my QoS would be better, since I am stuck between Charter or ATT (metered).


    I am less than 500 miles from Google. If I ping their DNS server or their main servers, know how many hops it takes?

    Fifteen. It should have stopped at SIX. Here is the breakdown of a tracert:

    Gateway, demarc, local handoff, two local stations (Nevada), California, ILLI-FUCKING -NOIS, then NINE untagged IPs to get back to where it was on hop 5.

    Here is a breakdown of getting to Charter.com:

    Gateway, demarc, local handoff, two local stations (Nevada), Colorado, Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia x3, South Carolina x2, Washington state (location of Charter.com)


    Not to mention the constant latency. Each of those 15 hops-- minus the first two, of course-- took over 500ms. Upload speed won't go over 2Mb/s even though I am paying for 4 (can't get more than that without paying for a much faster down I don't need). Tech told me the only thing they guarantee is Download speeds. Download speeds has been the ONLY part of my connection that has EVER been reliable or consistent.

    I need to do Remote sessions from home in order to work. On-call rotation is REQUIRED of me, and the pager is very busy. I am really furious right now. There is nothing I can do. Taking my business elsewhere will screw me when I go over the meter cap too. I guess that is the only option-- pay out my ass for NO reason. We have a fiber backbone running through town (I think more than one at this point/ soon), and no one wants to tap it for residential. They are hooking up all the big companies, and screwing residential by routing us OFF of it. Companies pay more than consumers, so they only want to sell those lines for top dollar. Prettyyy sure they got subsidies from MY tax dollars to build the infrastructure that no one except Enterprise accounts are allowed to use.

    I wish there was something I could do about this. I'll throw reasonable amounts of money at them to get the plan I want. But they don't work that way. If I want something reliable I have to be big enough for Charter to care to set up and Enterprise account. No way I can afford that shit. I was stupid enough to think they cared about small businesses at least. Charter, as usual, is too fucking big and steamrolls over whoever the fuck they want. Government protections? Time Warner and Charter are above that kind of noise meant for little people. Merger happened, and everyone who wasn't holding a sack of cash was fucked. You know, the other 99.9999% of the cattle who don't matter. Just bend over and shut the fuck up. We should be happy they give us ANYTHING in return for the money they can yank from the population with a snap of the fingers. There has to be another government subsidy they can pretend to use to add some more yarn to their piece of shit network. The other 80%, of course... BONUSES for being such a good swindler this year!
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