What are 'base-invites'?

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    what are base invites?
    base invites are a feature of Star Trek Online that allows a member of fleet A to invite a member of fleet B to their starbase, mine, embassy, or spire. this allows members of low-tier fleets to access high-tier fleet store items. this is the primary focus of the channel NoP Public Service that you may have heard about.

    so how does it work?
    the base, the mine, embassy, and spire all work this way: you enjoy the access-level of the fleet that owns the terminal you are using, yet all your purchases are deducted from your own fleets pool of provisions. for that reason you must have permissions to use your own fleet store and your own fleet must have the provisions to cover whatever purchases you wish to make. the only exception to this is fleet ships, which would require you to actually join the higher tier fleet and use their ship provisions. thats why 'free ships' are so rare.

    what else should i know?
    • you need to be a member of a fleet to use a fleet store.
    • you need to have 'buy' permissions in your own fleet to use anothers fleet store.
    • you need to have sufficient fleet credit and dilithium to make your purchase.
    • if any of the above criteria are not met, you will not be able to make a purchase.
    • you cannot be invited to a base if you are not a member of the same faction.
    • you may use the transporter/shuttle to move back and forth between the base and the embassy.
    • if you try to transport to the mine the transport will send you to your own mine, and you will not be able to get back to the base you were invited to.
    • if you need an invite to the mine, specify this as it requires somebody to go stand in the mine to issue your invite.
    • if you are standing in a base, mine, embassy, spire, or on a ships bridge any invite sent to you will most likely silently fail.
    • if you are wanting a fleet ship be aware that you cannot get one with a simple base-invite. you will need to make arrangements to actually join the fleet with the shipyard you need.
    • when you ask for something please remember to state your faction!
    • if you are invited to a base please say something in the channel so that the other inviters know you have already been taken care of.
    if you have any questions or want more information, please ask in-game.

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