Whats-your-price.com is the hot new dating website

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    Clancy The drama is better at Hungry Jack's

    Do they accept Lindens?

    New Dating Site Is Indistinguishable From Prostitution

    The kindest thing you could say about the new dating site Whatsyourprice.com is that it is the perfect place for the world's laziest dudes and most cynical women to hook up. The least kind thing you could say is that it is mass-scale prostitution. Are you ready to buy and sell "first dates?"

    "WhatsYourPrice.com is like eBay for dating," the site's founder, Brandon Wade, says in a press release. "When you see a hot single you want to date, just make an offer and buy the first date." (Wade is also the genius behind sugar daddy dating service SeekingArrangement.com)

    The site, which is free to join (though not to use!), is populated by two classes of people, euphemistically termed "the generous" and "the attractive." As an "attractive" member, you make a profile with all the normal dating stuff, while also indicating the amount of money someone would have to pay you to go on a date with them. As a "generous" member, you troll the site and make offers to the attractive to buy a "first date."

    When the offer is made, "our offer negotiating system will allow you to accept an offer, reject an offer, or counter with a different price," according to Whatsyourprice.com. Then you go on the date. The site offers helpful first date etiquette tips, including "pay 50% of the date at the start of the date, and 50% at the end," and "if someone asks you to send money by Western Union, report them immediately."
    Obviously, the first question about Whastyourprice.com is "How is this not prostitution or escorting?" Luckily that's the exactly the first question addressed in an FAQ sent to us by a spokesman:

    This is all about paying for the FIRST DATE! There is absolutely no sex involved, and except perhaps the chance of sex at some point in the future if you are able to successfully charm and seduce. But isn't that what every first date is about?

    So, no sex for these "generous" (male) members. They are paying $150 for the pleasure of spending time with a woman who only dates if there's a profit involved. Whatsyourprice.com says it's a matter of efficiency, buying access to these women rather than sending out hundreds of emails on a traditional website. "It's a matter of free market principles really," Wade says. "I guess that makes me the Adam Smith of online dating!"

    For the "attractive" (female) members, the case for Whatsyourprice is presented in similar free market terms. With Whatsyourprice.com, "going out with someone no longer has to be a waste of time." You are guaranteed to Make Money Dating™. (Yes, Make Money Dating™ is trademarked by the Las Vegas-based company that owns Whatsyourprice.com; and the entire service is apparently patent-pending.) Perfect for the lady who dresses as sexy Ayn Rand for Halloween. Sugar daddies and their babies have been around since the dawn of commerce. But Whatsyourprice.com offers a slightly different form for those too busy for traditional romantico-financial relationships: The casual "mutually beneficial arrangement."
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    Snapper O'Callaghan It's not a hug. I'm not finished strangling you.

    Sounds quality. I'm going to try it out immediately.
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    Dale Innis Sugarbear

    No attractive men or generous women? pheh!
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    Snapper O'Callaghan It's not a hug. I'm not finished strangling you.

    I am accepting bids, starting at $50. Will travel, but travel costs are borne by the winning bidder.
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    Govi Ça va chier.

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    Snapper O'Callaghan It's not a hug. I'm not finished strangling you.

    You saw it, didn't you?
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    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    What's the opening bid to get you to stay away? :rolleye: :)
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    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    This is, in a word...brilliant. :clap:
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    Clancy The drama is better at Hungry Jack's

    I hope Mars will let us list our whatsyourprice.com price near our forum avatars. How hard would it be to make a field for that?

    95,000 L for Tarzan
    150,000 L for Tarzan and Jane
    180,000 L for Tarzan, Jane and Cheetah
    Boy is not looking for a date, do not ask.
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    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    No, because then wherever your avi appeared, it would render the entire thread NSFW....Can't have that.:cool:
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    Clancy The drama is better at Hungry Jack's

    Naw, it's just for dating. Like to go dancing and stuff.
    You are pornocentric.
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    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    Yes...I am! :rock:

    On the other hand...
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    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    Does Cheetah do frat parties? :eek:
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    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    I'll bet this thread wouldn't have died if it had been in NSFW...

    It has real potential there! :D
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    LeeHere Absent Just Lee

    Yikes! Thanks for the reminder. I was about to post something frisky.
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    Dave64 Hancroft King Canuck

    Does a bubble gum wrapper and some pocket lint count. There is a guy here in Canada that asked for a paper clip. He traded it with someone for a pen and kept trading for a better object. He ended up with 10 acres and a house in the country side. All for free other than his persistance to upgrade the object. True story. Oh and the town he lives by has a giant paper clip as the town statue.
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    Sammy Green New Arrival

    I prefer ---GiftsDating dot com------ which is much better and they do not treat members like prostitutes. Generous men can send various gifts on this site, including cash, diamond, flower, watch, chocolate etc.
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    Lias Open Community!

    That doesn't sound safe.
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    Lain lyrical wordsmith motherfuckin' genius

    Sounds like prostitution.
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    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    Well, certainly NSFW...:cool:

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