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Discussion in 'fleet comms' started by nina, 6 Nov 2014.

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    im sorry about that. the demotions were beyond unwarranted.
    rank promotion criteria is clearly listed in both a fleet event and on the fleet website:

    rank 2: Initiate
    initiate members are the first rank with full fleet store access. all toons lower than level 50 start in this rank.

    the policy goes further, outlining criteria by which one can earn rank via mechanics other than fleet credit, such as recruitment, chat/forum activity, and so on.

    throughout our history we have avoided demotions. every change to the rank structure has either grandfathered existing rank members, or given members greater permissions. we have never undertaken a wholesale retroactive demotion drive, and we dont intend to start now.

    it is the duty of all beautiful command to make themselves aware of written fleet policy, and to maybe consult with others before undertaking such broad sweeping changes.

    i have done my best to reverse the demotions. if i have gotten something wrong, please let me know.

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